Hello Neighbor. I don’t know how you stumbled across this website, but if you are wondering where you are, you are at the beginning. It is a humble beginning, but it is a beginning nonetheless. This is SacraMundum–a blog created to celebrate just about everything found in God’s kingdom and creation to the glory of God for the edification of his people. The God being glorified is the One, True, Triune God who has revealed himself in nature, but especially in his Word, and even more than that, in the Incarnation, the Person of Jesus Christ.

A Word About the Word
SacraMundum is a symbol to express the two spheres in which Christians live. It is basically synonymous with the common expressions of distinction namely ‘the holy and the profane’ or ‘the sacred and the secular.’ Again the name SacraMundum is acting as a symbol here, not to be dissected using the strict rules of Latin grammar and etymology. Poetic license was taken to mash two words together for dramatic effect, sort of a hypostatic union of the Sacra meaning ‘sacred’ or ‘holy’ and Mundum expressing the ‘world.’ You will notice the capital ‘M’ in -Mundum. That is not a typo. We are using two distinct words with two distinct meanings to represent two distinct spheres of life, yet very closely related. The symbol SacraMundum is never to connote a holy world. If the Lord so chooses to use those words to designate the New Heavens and the New Earth, that is his sovereign prerogative, but that is not our objective here. We recognize there is a difference between holy things and common things. SacraMundum expresses the vantage point from which we look at the world. When we look at the world around us, we recognize and proclaim that it is God’s world directly under his providential care. SacraMundum also designates the scope of our interest, things both sacred and mundane, which includes theology, anthropology, philosophy, natural sciences, art, music, literature, and whatever else we can find that is praiseworthy.

One Kingdom or Two?
Scripture speaks of the difference between the Kingdom of God and the world. The question we wrestle with as a redeemed people is how do we live in this world as citizens of the world and the heavenly kingdom? Using broad strokes, there are basically two schools of thought among Christians concerning the relationship we have to our fallen world. They are simply designated as one kingdom and two kingdom perspectives. Both sides proclaim the Lordship of Christ over all His Kingdom and the world, but disagree on how to interact with world around us based. Should we expect cultural transformation of any kind or degree? Can we redeem the various corners of culture such as the arts, ecology, academia,etc? The debate will continue until the Kingdom of God has fully come in all its fullness and glory. SacraMundum is a place where that debate is free to rage as we all search for truth in love. As Christians we live in the sacred and the secular. Join us as we seek to discover doxology in dominion together!

A Word about the Photograph
The photo was taken by professional photographer and amateur mountain biker, Rey Villavicencio, using his iPhone 5 during an early morning bike ride at the Seminole County Environmental Center. The boardwalk pictured meanders through a beautiful cypress swamp ending at Lake Jessup. For more pics and services, visit: www.reyvilla.com.

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