Talking Leaves

Talking Leaves

My life is a series of open books. At any given time I may have up to ten or more of them open, scattered about in my frequent haunts. I see many of them as friends with whom I visit from time to time. We simply pick up where we left off in our last conversation.

SacraMundum is a place where I would like to reflect on thoughts as they occur to me during those conversations. I would love to know your thoughts on the books I currently have open. As time permits, I will dedicate a post per book as I stumble across them.

Talking What?
Talking Leaves was a term that was born on the lips of a Cherokee man named Sequoyah, who single-handedly created the Cherokee syllbatry and taught his people to read and write. When he saw the Europeans reading their books and newspapers, he marveled at this strange new thing. With nothing but his own ancient mother-tongue to describe this mystical novelty, he told his people about the “talking leaves” of the white man. Full of wonder and determination, he set out to give this gift his people. Not bad for an illiterate “savage.” Please follow the link under his name and read the full story.

Until I am able to navigate my way through this blog template and find a better way to list some of my existing writings, I will provide a link to where I was given the privilege to contribute to perhaps the best Bible-study magazine of our generation, Tabletalk. I hope you find these short articles edifying. Click here.

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